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Planning For a Drug Detox? Scroll Down To Explore The Symptoms First!

People often get addicted to powerful drugs like heroin or cocaine and it becomes indispensable for them! One thing leads to the other and they lose hope which leads to depression and people start thinking that it is almost impossible to get rid of such addictions. But nothing is impossible and all one needs is lots of patience as well as will power! (Of course with lots of detoxification under medical care)

Drugs like cocaine can be extremely addictive since it acts as an instant stimulant and often people are unable to understand that they have already been addicted to such drugs because they fly high and have boundless energy. Strangers, as well family members often confuse such high levels of rush with a person being naturally energetic rather than being a victim of drug abuse. At last, what happens is people start depending on certain drug detox programs or remain stuck with withdrawal.

Have a look at the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction!

  • Frequent headaches
  • Fluctuating blood pressure preferably high
  • Nausea
  • Frequent convulsions and seizures
  • Excessive sweating accompanied by chills
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch, sight as well as sound
  • Anger or irritability
  • Paranoid feeling
  • Reduced appetite
  • Degradation in bowel movement leading to constipation
  • Inability to stay calm or to take appropriate decisions

Cocaine is such a drug that shows up in many forms and can also be adjusted in various methods like simply sniffing or inhaling as well as intravenous injections. It takes few minutes for Konkan to enter the bloodstream which then rashes to brain tissue and completely Transformers the chemical makeup of the brain!

The glee of addiction

This drug thoroughly interrupts the dopamine production cycle of the human system. Firstly, it influences the level of dopamine, which the brain keeps releasing and then it completely boosts a feeling of exhilaration or euphoria in people. This is followed by the prevention of the left over dopamine from getting re-used by the brain cells and results in prolonged euphoria. No wonder the feeling of selflessness and the thrilling happy high easily pushes people to a life dedicated to cocaine addiction!

A detox program might help people to overcome this addiction but then again it is best to take some medical help from reputed drug rehab facilities or other treatment programs from renowned healthcare institutions like Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare facility!
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